Flynn, Edwards, & O’Neal, PLLC: Transportation, Estate Planning & Business Legal Services

Experienced, professional  representation can make a huge difference in the outcome of your legal needs. It is important to retain the right legal team that can provide the best legal advice and calm any apprehension. Flynn, Edwards & O’Neal PLLC provides quality legal services in the areas of Transportation Law, Estate Planning and Business Services with offices in Roland, Eastern Oklahoma and Fort Smith, Western Arkansas.

Our associates have a combined wealth of experience in each field, with in-depth expertise and a reputation for excellence. Each client we represent is counseled with objectivity and fairness, focusing on the challenges that may arise to craft a strategy for success. Our main goal is to make sure each client is fully educated on the process, their options and our recommendations for moving forward.

Our expertise in these niche areas gives us an edge while maintaining high standards. Our cases are diverse, ranging from simple to complex. We consistently perform beyond client expectations and offer professionalism, integrity and confidentiality as standard protocol. We take pride in our use of in-depth resources and technology to assist in our strategy, litigation and favorable outcomes in our cases.

We are more than just “Transactional Attorneys.”  We want to build strong relationships with select clients that we enjoy working with.  We went to law school to form relationships with clients to help solve problems.  Call us crazy, but we believe a law firm can and should be more than a short-term solution.  We want to get to know our clients and help them navigate through all of life’s legal issues.

We are attorneys who are the trusted advisors for a select group of clients.  If you would like to form a long-term relationship for legal services, we would like to work with you.  Our commitment to you is

  • We will be there for you as “Your Lawyer”, when you call.
  • We will be your trusted advisor to help you navigate a plan of action.

Flynn, Edwards & O’Neal PLLC puts the client first, each and every time with personalized service throughout every interaction. Don’t put yourself at risk in intricate situations! Give us a call for a consultation to see how we can be of assistance.